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  • over 7 years ago
    Air Duct Cleaning Culver City
    ★★★★★18 reviews

    You’ll get the worth of whatever you’ll pay because this company will just ask you for an inexpensive air duct cleaning cost. They do well in air duct cleaning reviews, and they’ll use a fine air duct cleaning equipment to fix your concerns. I have friends who love and trust their air duct repair...

  • over 7 years ago
    Professional Carpet Care
    ★★★★★14 reviews

    This company has provided some of the best work ever done.. they eliminated all of the stains from my carpet using all green solutions to get the job done.. thank you for working so hard to do so..

  • over 7 years ago
    Retting Martin B Inc
    ★☆☆☆☆8 reviews

    Rudest sales staff ever! Poor selection of schlock merchandise. Prices at or OVER list price. Stay away - do not go there. Turners is a much better place. LAX Range is a much better place. Big 5 is a much better place. Retting is one of the worst experience ever had as a consumer. Retti...

  • over 7 years ago
    Culver City Toyota
    ★★★★★45 reviews

    I will give Michael Wannop big credit, cause he always update me even by 7pm

  • over 7 years ago
    Culver City Honda
    ★★★★★61 reviews

    Desmond who greeted me and Arman who was service point person were both very professional and nice to deal with.

  • over 7 years ago
    Fix Car Now Culver City
    ★★★★★33 reviews

    Ricky was friendly and offered a ride to wherever I was going while they worked on my car. Even though I forgot my online coupon, he gave me the discount anyway. I was in and out within an hour and a half. Great service and good rates; I'd definitely go back.

  • over 7 years ago
    Boris George Md
    ★☆☆☆☆27 reviews

    fui a la clinica del dr boris en busqueda d una cirugia de tranferencia de grass me parecio q el previo era bueno aparte un dia para la cirugia deje $500 d deposito estube investigando en el internet sobre la clinica y me parecio muy mala referencia lo cual me dio miedo operarme con ellos y canc...

  • over 7 years ago
    William E. Gray III, MD
    ★☆☆☆☆1 review

    With all of the alleged accolades stated on Bill Gray's website, one would expect some sort of result, especially when considering the price of treatment. I mentioned the specific homeopathic remedy given to me by Dr. Gray to another homeopathic practitioner and that practitioner balked in disgu...

  • over 7 years ago
    Garage Door Repair Culver City
    ★★★★★13 reviews

    You may think it’s absurd for me to say that I am head-over-heels with the magic they have done with my grandfather’s house, but I am really that kind of person easily amazed by the work done by other people. Truly it was an amazing job by this garage door service provider!

  • over 7 years ago
    Fiorebuilt Construction
    ★☆☆☆☆1 review

    I am the homeowner that was stupid enough to use these guys!! Please make sure that you check references before you go with a contractor and do not rely on yelp stars as they can be generated by friends! Please call Fiorebuilt's last customers and ask them directly and you will get the answers th...

  • over 7 years ago
    Locksmith service Culver City
    ★★★★★15 reviews

    A burglar got inside the house of my sister the other night. Good thing that they were out of the house and nothing bad happened to them. I suggested that they call this reputable locksmith for break-in repairs. He came immediately to the house and fixed the doors. He also made sure that the lock...