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  • over 7 years ago
    Calvin Nazario, OD
    ★★★★★2 reviews

    Very good doctor, would go back in the future

  • over 7 years ago
    Alba Nazario, OD
    ★★★★★1 review

    Made me feel so at home! Professional, friendly, answered all my questions

  • over 7 years ago
    American White Lion Tae Kwon D.O.
    ★☆☆☆☆13 reviews

    Any Tae Kwon Do school that makes you sign a contract for one year is not a real Tae Kwon Do school. My daughter has been to a few Tae Kwon Do schools and White Lion is the only school that requires you to sign a contract. The owner is not a great example of a true master, the other office staff/...

  • over 7 years ago
    Newman Veterinary Center
    ★☆☆☆☆7 reviews

    This is strictly a review for the grooming - Don't EVER take a dog to be groomed there. I printed out 5 pictures & took a framed picture of how I wanted my dog cut, showed the groomer and she indicated that she understood. This "groomer" took approximately 7 hrs before she called me to say the do...

  • almost 8 years ago
    All American Termite & Pest
    ★★★★★5 reviews

    I some how got them in my house. I kept treating for them and it would help but they would always come back and there would be more than when I treated. By the time I called this company they were everywhere. You would see them running around in the day time. All I can say is they did a phenomena...

  • almost 8 years ago
    Kelly Automotive
    ★★★★★15 reviews

    Once again I took my car to Kelly's and once again it is repaired and at a price that always surprises me. In the good way. Had an issue with my transmission once, was prepared to hear that over $1,000 quote. It cost me $68, they just needed to tighten something on my steering column (this was...

  • almost 8 years ago
    Pine Ridge Pet Hospital Inc
    ★★★★★15 reviews

    The bad reviews are sour grapes, I have been using Dr Fansher and his vet hospitals for 14 years and I have received scrips from him to take else where to fill with no problem. The care is the best and the doctors are very knowlegable. The prices are high but they are at every vet unless you have...

  • about 8 years ago
    Venus Beauty Lounge
    ★★★★★1 review

    I have been going here for years! Not this location since it's new, but when they were Elana's Salon on Providence Boulevard. I have always had Natalia do my hair because she is very good with the thick, curly (disastrous) hair like mine and makes it look amazing! I love this place! They know wh...

  • about 8 years ago
    del Air Heating Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Incorporated
    ★☆☆☆☆3 reviews

    Called for service and 24 hours later they still haven't arrived. Called several times and customer service was no help and seemed more annoyed that I was called than they were at helping.

  • about 8 years ago
    ★★★★☆9 reviews

    I was shopping around and have chosen ADT. Why? first they have a complete package, and then the technicians are all certified. Who's not, they have many monitoring station all over US. What else should I say...sleep well.

  • about 8 years ago
    FAIRWINDS Credit Union
    ★☆☆☆☆4 reviews

    Really? "Ken," "Margaret," and "Simone" (above) ALL decided to open Fairwinds Credit Union accounts and review them on the SAME DATE. I'm here trying to shop around for a credit union to replace my three checking accounts currently at a local bank, only to stumble upon this abuse of the Insider...

  • over 8 years ago
    Deltona Alliance Church
    ★★★★★4 reviews

    Amazing church, I love this church, it has an amazing youth group, I praise GOD for bringing me to this wonderful church. I would encourage anyone who wants to go to go.