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  • almost 9 years ago
    Garrett's Lawn & Landscaping
    ★★★★★6 reviews

    I found this dentist to be more helpful than any other doctor I have ever seen! He spent time explaining the problems I had, and used charts and my x-rays to show me the problem. I feel I can trust him with my health care.

  • about 10 years ago
    Scooter's Saloon & Showgirls
    ★☆☆☆☆1 review

    I guess if you are in the mood for adult entertainment and you find yourself in Decatur, MI, and the word "skanky" doesn't scare you off, then you are in the right place.

  • about 10 years ago
    Hayloft Darjo Enterprises Inc
    ★★★★★1 review

    This is one of our favorite places to visit in Michigan!! They have a huge selection of ice cream, and tons of different sundaes. The prices are not bad, considering the amount of ice cream that you get!! They also have regular food for lunch and dinner, which always looks good -- we just never h...

  • over 13 years ago
    Gillesby Steven H
    ★★★★☆1 review

    These guys did a great job with my lawn, its looks very proffesional and it wasn't even very expensive. They even made the lines when they mow even and my lawn looks very good with the garden now. I highly recommend them.

  • almost 14 years ago
    Village Market
    ★★★☆☆1 review

    Village market has good specials from time to time which are in the ad that we get in our local paper. If they are good enough, I will make a special trip just to stock up. Used to have a good $1 section but it is shrinking and is almost gone. I will make a special trip to this store to buy their...