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  • about 8 years ago
    Kamel's Unique Gifts & Home
    ★★★★★2 reviews

    I absolutely love this store. The pricing is fair and the selection is extensive. They have all sorts of ethnic items as well as truly unique pieces. Swords, Jewelry, Art, Egyptian Paraphernalia, Ethnic Clothing, Furniture, Lighting, Display Cases, Incense/Oils, Masquerade Masks and much more! ...

  • about 8 years ago
    Fish Furniture
    ★★★★☆33 reviews

    Just moved from Chicago...had a great experience with Fish Furniture. More specifically, Dan and Elaine were extremely professional and catered to all of my high expectations. I would definitely recommend them to all my friends!

  • about 8 years ago
    Psychic Solutions
    ★★★★★38 reviews

    I stopped in last week and as I walked in the aroma of inscences protuded my senses and I immediately felt relaxed. It's a very laid back vibe and she is friendly. Sabrina has amazing positive energy has you walk into her placeYou enjoy angel readings, psychic readings. I bought I stopped in las...

  • about 8 years ago
    Larchmere Property Service
    ★★★★★18 reviews

    Tyrone is the best. I had a few electrical needs at my condo, so I got a couple of bids. Although his estimate was slightly high, I decided to go with Tyrone - because he seemed like a good guy who cares about doing good work. He ended up coming in under his estimate. A very nice surprise. Tyron...

  • about 8 years ago
    Reliable Couriers
    ★★★★★11 reviews

    Needing a package to be delivered quickly I elected to use Reliable Couriers in the Cleveland area. I would highly recommend using them they are professional fast and courteous.

  • about 8 years ago
    La Chae Cosmetics
    ★★★★★4 reviews

    The individual that wrote the previous statement about the owner lying is uneducated and obliviously not a licensed professional. Let me educate you: ALL cosmetics companies have a manufacturer and usually the major lines all fill from the same manufacturer with their name on it. Do your homewo...

  • about 8 years ago
    Sunnyside Honda
    ★☆☆☆☆5 reviews

    Brought my 2007 Honda Odyssey to them for service on Wednesday, March 6th, 2013. The vehicle was in the Service Garage. Some valet parking attendant got inside and started backing up. As he was nearing the overhead garage door in the back, the latter started going down rapidly. My Service Adv...

  • about 8 years ago
    University Hospitals Parma Med
    ★☆☆☆☆1 review

    My sister was admitted with chest pains and shortness of breath - she is still in her teenage years. After being made to walk everywhere without being given oxygen or breathing treatments at all, they sent her home with anti inflammatory meds. They said she was fine, nothing wrong. A few days lat...

  • about 8 years ago
    Dental Associates Of Lyndhurst
    ★★★★★19 reviews

    I like how they keep everything clean here and I especially like how they take their time to walk you through procedures. They do a great job making me feel really comfortable too before procedures because I usually get nervous when it comes to all of that stuff.

  • about 8 years ago
    Dean Supply
    ★★★★★7 reviews

    Excellent for paper products and restaurant supplies

  • about 8 years ago
    Richman Animal Clinic
    ★★★★★15 reviews

    I've known Dr Richman for a long time. My family has been taking our dogs and cats to him for over 15 years. I finished school and moved out and was able to take Sam with me. We run together in Euclid Creek and North Chagrin a few times a week whenever the weather permits. A few months ago Sam st...

  • about 8 years ago
    Big Creek Pet Hospital
    ★★★☆☆26 reviews

    OK place to bring pets. A bit overpriced.

  • about 8 years ago
    Just Wireless
    ★☆☆☆☆2 reviews

    This ugly mother f***** stole my phone and tried to sell it in his store. This place is the is ran by a bunch of low life bitches! DONT BUY HERE it smells like sh** inside!!!

  • about 8 years ago
    Delta Computers Inc
    ★★★★★13 reviews

    I have been at vendor with Delta Computers for about 3 years. They are a great merchant to work with. The owner and staff are always very friendly, honest and willing to do what ever they can to help. I am sure we will continue to work together for years to come.

  • about 8 years ago
    Just Cats Hospital
    ★★★★★16 reviews

    I have 2 beautiful Siamese kitties one of whom was suffering from terrible respiratory problems and skin lesions that looked suspicious. Dr. S looked at the cat and had a good idea what was occurring, confirmed with a specialist colleague and then proceeded with a skin biopsy (for diagnosis) and ...

  • about 8 years ago
    Brooklyn Sports Cards
    ★☆☆☆☆5 reviews

    Went in to buy a few dollar packs and he told me I didn't have enough money to buy anything and to come back when I had more. Really terrible person.