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What Insiders are Saying about Budget Car & Truck Rental

Budget Car & Truck Rental in Skokie, IL


By Pishi B.

I rented a truck from here when I was moving and I had absolutely no problems with these people. They were quick at getting me my rental. Their trucks were affordable and in good condition.

Budget Car & Truck Rental in Dallas, TX


By John S.

Watch out for Budget. I filled the car with a full tank of gas (7 gallons) before I returned it. The guy checked the tank and said it was fine and printed me out a receipt. Three days later I got a bill for $64.70. They said they had to put in 10 gallons of gas (yikes! I paid $2.11 for the gas I put in). I called customer service. They said that unless I had a printed receipt the best they could do is credit me half. I said that I had a credit card statement showing the 7 gallon purchase 3 miles from the airport 5 minutes before I returned the car. Not good enough. This is a rip off of class action status. Think about it. Millions of customers all ripped off and then credited half. It?s worth millions to them. Any attorneys out there? I?m in.

Budget Car & Truck Rental in Henderson, AR


By Zephyr T.

I moved here to Nevada using a Budget rental truck and I must say their service is horrible. Their trucks are small and they don't provide the size you want. Very overpriced and my father nearly landed in a full body cast because he tripped on the back since the stepping zone on the back is like one inch.

Budget Car & Truck Rental in Campbell, CA


By rameshrajan t.

i moved from san jose to sunnyvale recently and i rented a truck to shift my stuff from budget car & truck services...i thought it would b very expensive o rent a car or truck but these guys made it simple for me,,,,with no worries about the price......they give rental cars for a very affordable price and i really liked their service...