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What Insiders are Saying about Days Inn

Days Inn in West Covina, CA


By christina a.

here is a great place to stay at, its nice and very clean where you would want to take your family too. it not expensive so you might just want to stay a little longer.

Days Inn in Allentown, GA


By Susan K.

This hotel is your typical Days Inn. You get what you pay for. The place was clean which is always a plus. The pool is covered and was functioning which was nice. However you really smelled the chlorine. To spend the night it was fine just to crash in a bed.

Days Inn in Colonial Beach, VA


By Caren H.

This hotel is located on the Potomac River, but is oddly situated on the lot so that you do not get a good view of the river. The room was unclean, having just looked like it was partied in. My in-laws were appalled. PROS: Only chain hotel in Colonial Beach CONS: Dirty rooms