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What Insiders are Saying about Fedex Kinko's

Fedex Kinko's in Houston, TX


By Beatrice B.

II have been trying to call to check on my order and keep getting a recording saying the number is not in service! This is the number listed on my receipt and on the website.

Fedex Kinko's in Huntington Beach, CA


By Sandy V.

Kinkos now have Fedex in their store. I find this very convience because I can do two things at once: shipped my item and make copies. Great Service too.

Fedex Kinko's in Philadelphia, PA


By Adua T.

Thank Goodness for the self serve areas in Kinkos. Sometimes, you can be waiting for a very, very long time to get any service in this Kinkos. Sometimes, there is only one person at the counter and several customers waiting. Each transaction can take up to 10 minutes depending on what needs to be done. Imagine having three people in front of you! Don't go on your lunch break. Quality-wise, they are very good. I can't complain about the product they kick out, only how long you have to wait to put in your order for it. PROS: Excellent quality copies CONS: Sometimes long waits for Customer Service

Fedex Kinko's in Federal Way, WA


By Roger J.

Kinkos has been the copier service we have used for special volume projects. Have found we need to wait in line more than once as they seem to be short on help quite often. Projects are usually completed on time.

Fedex Kinko's in Washington, D.C.


By Charles R.

Customer service is awful, especially on weekends. Today, they're still not answering their phones, more than half an hour after their scheduled opening.