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What Insiders are Saying about Friendly's

Friendly's in Spring, TX


By Carol B.

This unique shop is loaded with all types of interesting and classy clothing, plus beautiful accessories. They have home decor, interesting signs, posters, games, toys, and a little bit of everything. It's a fun place to visit on Midway in Old Town Spring.

Friendly's in Santa Monica, CA


By Tee T.

This place caters to pre-teens, evidenced by the music that you hear when you walk in(or before you get in the door). You might believe that it is for adults otherwise, since it is a very chic boutique. They also carry things for your pre-teens in the front (be sure to check the sizes, since some of the teen stuff is borderline), as well as makeup, jewelry and handbags.

Friendly's in Toms River, NJ


By Diana B.

Friendly Ice Cream Restaurant offers lots of variety in its sundaes and ice cream combinations. Its delicious, and has fast service; you can either get take-out or sit down. It also offers food as well, although you cannot get that in take- out. Friendly also has refrigerators full of ice cream cakes and such that you can buy.