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What Insiders are Saying about Giant Food

Giant Food in Springfield, AR


By Kcuber 1.

Genuardi's is a great place to shop and get your food needs. It is just as good as Acme and sometimes has better prices. The store is always spotless and bright and the staff is always ready to answer a question or help you.

Giant Food in Fairfax, VA


By Selene N.

I consider Giant the perfect grocery store for me because it has fairly good quality products, and average prices. I do not want to pay the cheapest price to get low quality goods, and I do not want to pay extra for super fancy things either. Giant is the perfect balance for me. They also double coupon up to 50 cents. Therefore, if I can find sale items and use my coupons, I can get wonderful deals. This particular Giant has a huge parking lot, and you will never have trouble getting in and out. There is a Chevy Chase Branch inside, and it has Saturday and Sunday hours too. There are clearance and day-old racks with odd items that are marked down for various reasons. Sometimes I can find really good gem in there. The Customer Service Desk is right inside the entrance, so if you need quick assistance (such as a return or exchange), you can get in and out quickly. There is absolutely no hassle with returns and exchanges. This store is also equipped with Self-Checkout, and there are associates staffed to help with produce items, clearance items, and any other issues. This store is fairly large and they carry a wide variety of items. The only minor downside is that it does not open 24 / 7. PROS: Large selections, convenient location, good sales. CONS: Not open 24/7.