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What Insiders are Saying about IHOP

IHOP in Arlington, TX


By Clarence D.

Ihop is a great place to work, you get to meet new people everyday and at any time of the night. i also enjoy the food myself

IHOP in North Las Vegas, NV


By Kayla C.

i ate here with my family and it was fun.. food was bomb. and the plus our waiter was really cute... damien (i think that was his name) was really cute and super nice... thanks :)

IHOP in Somerville, NJ


By George B.

I had dinner there last night it was both very tasty and inexpensive. They now have these Dinner deals. The one I had was spaghetti, tomato sauce and garlic bread. ALL YOU CAN EAT FOR $6.99! What a deal I almost ate two whole dishes which was too much and the waitress came with a 3rd. Daaaaaaaaam! Thanks alot but geee this is just too much! Everyone was very friendly there and the service was great. They have a big level parking lot that is easy and safe to get in and out of off the highway route 202, very well designed. This location was built with alot of extra appointments, they have a stone patio that seats like 100 just very nice. Surrounded by woods on all sides it is a VERY private location making this even safer. For my interest and needs I give it a 10 STAR RATING!