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What Insiders are Saying about Ikea

Ikea in Bolingbrook, IL


By Cris J.

Ikea is amazing.They have all kinds of cool and exotic furniture and always at their lowest prices.You just can't get anything better.They have a great staff too.

Ikea in Carson, CA


By Hollian C.

This is a Terrible IKEA!!!! DON'T GO HERE!!! NO STARS for SERVICE!!! I had to put 1 star to post this, but trust me, NO STARS DESERVED HERE!!!! I have attempted multiple times to get my kitchen designed to ultimately purchase and install a kitchen. Unfortunately, there have been MULTIPLE FAILED attempts to get this kitchen designed by IKEA. The FIRST FAILED attempt was when I went to IKEA and was shown the computer to design my own kitchen. I don't know how their system works on how to use the designer program so this was a useless service. In addition, commercials on TV stated that the employees would help you to design a kitchen at the store, not show you a computer to figure out and design a kitchen using a system you don't know how to use. When I advised the store employee of the service that IKEA stated they would provide on the commercials (to design the kitchen with the assistance of its in-store employees), I was told that the service was for me to do myself, they just provide the program. After about 30 minutes of attempting to design my own kitchen on this program (that I don't know), I left. SECOND FAILED attempt was when I paid 200$ and booked an appointment with IKEA 2 weeks in advance to design my kitchen. No one showed up at the time arranged, 0900hrs at 4/7/14. I called the IKEA and the subcontracted company that designs the kitchen and they stated that it was a scheduling error and that I was NOT even on the schedule for that day. I got an apology, but no resolution other than to get a refund or to reschedule was offered. My husband and I took the day off from our very busy schedules (My husband- a business owner/manager, Myself- a nurse manager). What a waste of time!! When we called Customer service and Irene (the manager of Kitchen Dept.), there was no answer or calls back despite messages left that day. Our time is precious and it's very difficult and frustrating for us to take time off to ACHIEVE NOTHING. I then tried to get a refund after MULTIPLE FAILED ATTEMPTS to contact the Manager IRENE. I then had to call multiple times, endure multiple transfers and call drops and wait for insane amounts of time with no remedy!! I know I will not be getting a kitchen from here, nor will I advise any of my friends to. I don't even have a kitchen from here and look at all the trouble I'm going through already!! WOW!! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER come here unless you want a headache!!! Horrible service!!!!

Ikea in Philadelphia, MO


By Thomas K.

Really good selection, prices are great. Good for storage solutions if you do not have that many closets. Also has a restaurant. Try the Salmon, its really good, not something you would expect from a home furnishings store :) PROS: Good selection, low prices CONS: put stuff together yourself

Ikea in San Diego, CA


By Jordan B.

frequented this place a few years back only for the pre-natal yoga class (I'm actually a Bikram fan). This class was awesome! I had a pretty easy pregnancy, and I give partial credit to the prenatal yoga I did here. The instructor was great, she had a child of her own, so she could relate to our affected state, and bountiful bellies. She always came around and aided everyone during the postures, and made sure nobody hurt themselves. She even offered suggestions of postures you could do at home, on your own time. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a pre-natal yoga class. My only issue at the time, was I wish they offered this class more than once a week, I liked it that much!! But perhaps the demand may not justify an additional class. Overall though, a great pick for pre-natal yoga

Ikea in Renton, WA


By Petra R.

The Self-check idea that IKEA implemented is a disaster. It is very bad when a customer's last experience at the check-out counter is frustrating because of long, long lines and people who are not being helped because the one person at the self-check is trying to help eight people at a time and can't keep up. Everyone is exasperated and irritated! Is it worth saving a few $$$ on labor to have half your customers leave frustrated. And donā??t ever attempt to return anything. You will spend at least Ā½ hour in line while they process endless paperwork at a very slow pace and in a rude manner. Thus saidā??they have good ideas and good prices, but my time and sanity is worth a good experience as well!