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What Insiders are Saying about Pep Boys

Pep Boys in Skokie, IL


By Eric B.

"How long will it take to replace our car battery?" we asked. "There's one car ahead of you and it's almost done, so you're next," replied Brian. Although we've encountered snags during previous visits to Pep Boys' Service Department, on 12/17/2012 we experienced a catastrophic meltdown. While we waited patiently, several other customers came and went. When we finally did speak up, a service rep lied, assuring us that our car was in the shop and being worked on when in fact it was still sitting outdoors where we had parked it. Incredibly, we waited 2 1/2 hours for a simple battery replacement. By then, mere apology was just not enough - the unexplained delay, deception, and taking care of other customers ahead of us were totally unacceptable. So, we pointed to Pep Boys' Express Service Satisfaction Guarantee displayed prominently on the wall (a refund if you're not completely satisfied). The Service Manager refused to honor the guarantee. A dispute escalated, during which one rep had the audacity to scream at my wife, "SHUT UP!" Obviously wanting us to disappear asap, yes, they somehow found a way to zero out our ticket. Pep Boys' rude and incompetent employees give their customer service a bad name. If those morons worked for me (I'm a retired business manager), I would have disciplined - if not fired - all of them on the spot. Be warned - take your cars elsewhere for service!

Pep Boys in Fort Worth, TX


By Reviewer >.

I usually go to Wal Mart for oil changes because they are the cheapest in town. The last time I tried to go there was a 2 hour wait. I needed to get my tires rotated at Pep Boys so I went across the street to do so. I asked how much an oil change would cost and was told around $23. I told the guy that was assisting me that I would wait on the oil change and just do the tires. He then proceeded to pull out coupons to find me the best deal he could offer me for an oil change, which ended up being $15.99 plus tax! This was a great deal for me!

Pep Boys in Henderson, AR


By W B.

I saw there ad for a mobility scooter, so I went with my mom and was blown away by the RUDE service. After standing in line for 10 minutes, I asked for assistance with the scooters from the girl at the counter. Seeing that I was handicapped and had problems walking, she said; "See the guy with the hat back there, go get him" I thought she was rude, he was worse. He asked me; " Well, what do you want to know about them", When I did ask my question, He said, "Well things change all the time, management does what they want" I couldnt get out of there fast enough. Even after talking to the manager on the phone, he didnt even offer a sincere apology.

Pep Boys in Philadelphia, PA


By beyma s.

this is the wrong number for this location at bustleton ave please do not call.........................................................................

Pep Boys in Vista, CA


By William S.

I'm very pleased with the outstanding service and down to earth reasonable prices at Cox Auto Service. The owner,Alex, was so friendly and most refreshing of all... honest! I had taken my 97 Ford Ranger to 2 different garages before finding Cox and they both gave me bogus diagnostics and quoted me outrageous prices. After reading glowing reviews about Cox Auto Service online, I decided to go see for myself. I'm glad I did because I saved hundreds of dollars on unneccessary repairs. I'll be going to Cox Auto Service for all my mechanical needs and maintenance from now on. Thanks Alex, it really was a pleasure doing business with you and my wallet thanks you too!