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What Insiders are Saying about Red Wing Shoe Store

Red Wing Shoe Store in Hitchcock, TX


By Dawn D.

This is a great product that is guranteed to last. They also sell items that you can add to your current shoes/boots to help them last longer. My hubby loves this store. Its hard to get him out. The prices were suprisingly low and the store is very nice.

Red Wing Shoe Store in Sterling, AK


By vincent w.

I had my Gucci shoes repaired at sterling shoe and leather repair place, they did fantastic job, when you have an expensive shoes and don't know whether the repair place can do a good job, sterling shoe & leather repair is the right place to be, I got my shoes back just like original, as if no repair was done to it, but yet they resoled it and polished it as well, I 'm happy to say that finally I found a good repair place for my shoes, since I wear very expensive shoes and don't want to throw them out after they wear out the buttoms.