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What Insiders are Saying about Select Comfort

Select Comfort in Nashua, NH


By christa r.

This store is conveniently located in the Pheasant Lane Mall. I bought a mattress from this store last fall and love it! These are the number mattreses where you choose the level of air in your bed. My husband has a bad back and hasn't had any major back aches since he started sleeping on this mattress. We did purchase the foundation to go with the mattress but returned it because it was made of plastic and it didn't fit together well. They took it back with no problems. I recommend this shop.

Select Comfort in Plano, TX


By A R.

We bought our bed from select comfort. They were wonderful with helping us to find our sleep numbers. This was to personalize our beds to our liking and comfort. It is the best bed I have ever had. They also customized it so my DH and I can have different preferences on our side of the bed. They delivered fast and we have enjoyed it ever since.

Select Comfort in Brea, CA


By Donna C.

My husband wanted to look at the Sleep Number bed by Select Comfort. He likes the mattress on the medium firm side and I like a firm mattress, so he thought this would be idea. I'm all for stopping in a store to take a good look around, but doing it in the mall made me feel uncomfortable. I felt like I was in a fishbowl lying down on the mattress to get a good feel for it. The salesperson was doing their best to make us feel comfortable and give us his undivided attention, but it was hard to do with kids running around unsupervised, jumping all over the place. I'd like to go to another Sleep Comfort bed shop - one that's not located in a busy mall - to see what the Sleep Number bed is all about.

Select Comfort in San Mateo, CA


By Steven Q.

I bought a Queen size pillow here. The sales lady was very nice. She urged me to give the select comfort airbed a try so I did. It was fun. I laid on my side while she adjusted the pressure from firm, to soft, then firm again. The prices for their beds are a bit pricey, so I think I would buy from someone else. Also, they advertise like crazy so I know one reason they are so pricey is because of their advertising budget. They do have some really good quality beds I must admit.