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What Insiders are Saying about Verizon

Verizon in Gainesville, GA


By Mary I.

Updated our phones today. Very quick and easy. In less than 15 minutes we were in and out of the store. The staff was professional and listened to our desires.

Verizon in Braintree, MA


By David W.

....but customer service. The staff is friendly,however, expect to wait since the mall is always busy. It took me over an hour to resolve my phone issues. Overall pleasant experience. PROS: Great Service CONS: busy location

Verizon in San Diego, CA


By howard c.

I have always wondered why verizon wireless doesnt have a store in pacific beach. its so nice and all young people. this verizon store is private, but they are SMARTER... they will help you with whatever verizon issue it is. if they can't they will call verizon for you. really nice people. thats what I look for in business. Volt has my verizon wireless business every time. howardâ??

Verizon in Everett, MA


By Sherman M.

I signed up for Verizon Fios Double Play a couple of years ago. Their internet access is really fast and their phone service is good. We then tried their Triple Play which includes TV. The first year that we had it, we noticed that the user interface on the Guide Menu was not as friendly as other area TV providers. We also found that the remote TV which doesn't have the DVR hooked up to it cannot pause or rewind live TV like other providers DVRs. While the remote TVs can playback programs recorded programs on DVR this was still a major hassle. The customer service at that time was generally pleasant and tried to help. When our contract expired, we went ahead and renewed, but noticed that their customer service was no longer trying as hard to keep us as customers. This may have been caused by Verizon selling their business in this state to Frontier. While their fiber optic network is really fast, Verizon still has a ways to go in tweaking their user interface on their TV Guide menus and improving their customer service.