What a Handyman Can Do for Your Home


by Marcus Pickett

Too many homeowners simply don't think to call a handyman to handle small house repairs because they don't realize how wide-ranging handyman services can be. Homeowners often think these repairs will be too expensive or they mistakenly assume that small repairs can be put off indefinitely. The following list shows many of the tasks handymen perform and their average cost, according to data collected by ServiceMagic. This list is far from exhaustive, but it includes some of the most common tasks that handymen perform:

Some homeowners believe that traditional handyman services - in which several, small tasks are completed in the same day by the same contractor - are a thing of the past. Nothing could be further from the truth. According to ServiceMagic, this is still the most popular type of handyman service. Their data indicates average handyman services cost $481 for just more than one and one-half days of work. An experienced handyman can get a great deal done in this time.

Getting the Most Out of Your Handyman

More than just being nifty and cost effective, bundling tasks when hiring a handyman is likely to improve your options when choosing a contractor. The more tasks you can lump together, the more attractive the project will look to prospective handyman contractors. Consequently, you're likely to expand the number of estimates you can solicit, as well as the quality and experience of these prospective contractors. Before you begin to contact local handymen, make a comprehensive list of both must-do and possible tasks to be completed.

What Handyman Services Can't Do

Handymen can't do anything that requires a license that they don't have. Many handymen can tackle dozens, if not hundreds, of jobs around the house, but they may not be licensed electricians or plumbers. These areas, prone to disasters from seemingly minor mistakes, should be left to specifically trained and qualified contractors. In this sense, it's important to understand that not all handymen are created equal. Some handymen may be perfectly qualified to install the electrical wiring for a ceiling fan, while others may not. When hiring a handyman, you should ask about general and specific qualifications as they pertain to your projects.

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-- Marcus Pickett is a senior home improvement writer with ServiceMagic.com. He has written more than 1200 articles on managing your home and home improvement trends.