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  • almost 10 years ago
    JC's Landscaping, LLC
    ★☆☆☆☆4 reviews

    ...Supurb service my ass. He came to my house cut my grass hits my pool and damages it , then dosent have the balls to man up and admit it. He blamed it on one of his workers but still dosent offer to fix it. He came 2 times billed us for one time(which we paid) didnt bill us for the second then ...

  • about 10 years ago
    Riverside Motor Cars
    ★☆☆☆☆14 reviews

    Hopefully you are readying this before purchasing a car from Riverside. The Salinardi's have a long history of scamming their customers. They sit behind the law as the lie to you and tell you their cars are in perfect shape. Promises and promises that the cars is great...they will get you to s...

  • about 11 years ago
    ★★★☆☆6 reviews

    my dad got his 2000 chevy pickup fix there and it cost him 200 bucks and it is still leaking but the good thing is that they pump the gas for you

  • about 11 years ago
    Kellies Kuts
    ★★★★☆2 reviews

    i like the place and out of all the hair places in beacon falls, ct i think the prices are the cheapest for a great haircut

  • over 11 years ago
    Hillside Auto Sales & Service
    ★★★★☆3 reviews

    My car rolled down someone's driveway and ended up in an embankment on top of a boulder and wedged between two trees. They were able to get there quickly and extract the car without damaging it. Triple A was ready to tear my car to bits. Hillside saved my car! I've used them every since.

  • over 11 years ago
    United Day School & Day Care
    ★★★★★3 reviews

    I went to the United Day when I was a child back in the 70s! I STILL have the kidney bean alphabet or pieces of it LOL that I made back then. Now my daughter works there and my grandson attends the after school program! I highly recommend this preschool program! Your children will get the one on ...

  • over 11 years ago
    Elite Driving School Llc
    ★★★★★5 reviews

    I had Seth back in 2008 and he is a wonderful teacher, he showed me the ropes of driving and he also help me by paying for my license and i never had a problem with him, the only person i had a problem with was his coworker, i don't remember her name but she was very rude and she threaten me by ...

  • over 12 years ago
    Beacon Falls Pizza Palace
    ★★★★☆12 reviews

    I like it. I've had their telephone number memorized for years! I have been to kids birthday parties here for my daughter's friends and have ordered take out and even eaten in. The food is good. Not gourmet but good. Try it---you'll like i!!!

  • over 12 years ago
    New You Salon Llc
    ★☆☆☆☆3 reviews

    THE WORST SALON EVER! If you are looking for a 1950's bob, New You Salon is the place to go, but for a simple, or hip haircut stay away. My mom came home from a "trim" at New You, and looked like she aged 70 years. She clearly showed a picture of a nice haircut, but the one she received looked n...