About Reviewer Badges and Rankings

Badges and Rankings can help you quickly recognize the best reviewers on the site. If you see that someone has a badge or high rank, you know they've taken the time to contribute many reviews to the community.

What are the different Badges?

Insider Pages members can earn the following badges for writing reviews:
Insider_icon Insider 5 to 24 reviews
Critic_icon Insider Expert 25 to 99 reviews
Century_icon Insider Guru 100 or more reviews
Top100_icon Top 100 Reviewer Only the cream of the crop!

How can I Get Ranked on Insider Pages?

Insider Pages members with 5 or more reviews are eligible to be ranked.

How is my Rank calculated?

Each day, we recalculate the rankings by looking at two factors:
  • The total number of reviews written.
  • The number of times each member was the first to review a business.

How can I increase my Rank?

  • Write helpful, informative and entertaining reviews - the more the better!
  • Be the first to review a business. This will give your Rank a boost.